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Brennan Carmody

The Commodores for Christ is a group of Christians on
the Vanderbilt University campus that is sponsored by
Nashville-area Churches of Christ. Our mission is to be
a support group that through fellowship and study will
foster the spiritual development and growth of Vanderbilt
students. As a witness for deity of Christ and the truth
of the Gospel on the Vanderbilt campus and in the Nashville
community, the Commodores for Christ stand firmly on the
Bible and rely solely on it for religious direction
and instruction.

We meet once a week for dinner and devotional.
When: Mondays at 5:30 Where: Natchez Trace Church of Christ

View from the Lakehouse

Yearly Events:

Pancake Pantry Breakfast
End of semester on study day (Fall and Spring Semester)
Details: We will meet for breakfast and to relax before
exams start and we leave for break.

Retreat at the Nance's Lakehouse on Center Hill Lake.
Spring Semester
Details: We will go down on a Friday night, and come
back after lunch the next day. The playing of many games
will be involved.

Canoeing trip down the Harpeth
Details: We will go on a Saturday and spend about 3 hrs
on the river, pending the rivers having enough water.