Mid-Spring Regattas

Cincinnati Regatta

On April 4 Vanderbilt Rowing traveled to Cincinnati, OH to compete in the Cincinnati Regatta. Some Commodore crews returned home with medals, others with new aspirations after seeing some fast competition. All crews found a new level of speed by pushing against the competition. Congratulations to the Novice Women’s 8+ for bringing home silver medals and the Varsity Women’s 8+ for earning bronze! You can find the full results here.

The Novice Women's 4+ racing to the finish in the final at the Cincinnati Regatta.

John Hunter Regatta

At John Hunter Regatta in Gainesville, GA on March 28, Vanderbilt crews raced in both eights and fours events. The regatta boasted 43 clubs competing on the former Olympic course. The Commodores saw the toughest competition yet, but Vanderbilt still managed to place highly and bring back some medals. Here are the full results:

Men’s JV 4+ (flight) – SILVER
Women’s JV 4+ (flight) – BRONZE
Women’s Varsity 4+ (final) – BRONZE
Women’s Novice 8+ (flight) – BRONZE
Women’s Varsity 8+ (final) – 6th
Men’s Varsity 8+ (final) – 6th
Men’s Varsity 4+ (final) – 7th
Men’s Novice 4+ (heat) – 2nd
Women’s Novice 4+ (heat) – 4th

For more details on results, click here.

Some of the Novice Women's 8+ with their bronze medals after John Hunter Regatta!

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Early Spring Racing

Vanderbilt Invite

Vanderbilt Rowing hosted Washington University, the University of Cincinnati, St. Louis University, Emory University and the University of Dayton at home in Nashville, TN on March 21 . The visiting crews gave the Commodores some tough racing, but the Vanderbilt crews fought hard. The athletes raced multiple times in both eights and fours with anywhere from one to five boats across. A number of Vanderbilt crews earned first place finishes in their flights. Those winning crews were the Novice Women’s 8+, the Novice Women’s 4+, the Varsity Women’s 8+, the Varsity Men’s 4+, and the Varsity Women’s 4+. You can find the full results here.

Tulane Invite

The Commodores began the season racing Tulane University, Northwestern State University and Rice University in New Orleans, LA on March 7. This concluded a week of intensive training in New Orleans over spring break. Tulane provided some tough competition, but the Vanderbilt boats largely saw success over Northwestern and Rice. See the full results here.

Here are some pictures from the spring training trip in New Orleans, LA.

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Chattanooga Head Race Results

The Commodores officially opened their fall racing season by competing in Chattanooga on October 11. The athletes raced hard, with many crews earning medals. Both the novice women’s and men’s B eights won GOLD! Some of the highlights are below:

Novice women’s 8+ B: 1st
Novice men’s 8+ B: 1st
Novice men’s 8+ A: 2nd
Varsity men’s 8+: 3rd
Novice women’s 8+ A: 4th
Varsity women’s 8+: 7th

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Join Vandy Rowing: There’s a seat in this boat for you!

Meet us at these events to learn about the program:

  • Organization Fair on August 22
  • Boat on the Lawn event on August 25
  • *INFORMATION MEETINGS: August 25, 26, 27 at 8pm
    • Mon. & Wed. – Commons 237
    • Tues. – Commons 235

    If you are looking to join a new sport, or continue your rowing career, consider joining one of the most competitive club teams at Vanderbilt University. The Vanderbilt Rowing Team is a hard working, successful group of athletes who excel both on the water and in the classroom. We are looking for people interested in being either rowers or coxswains, who have a strong work ethic and desire to accomplish goals alongside their teammates. 

    • No morning practice
    • Many chances to travel the country
    • This is an intense sport, with a great reward

    Questions can be emailed to: vandyrowing@gmail.com

    Or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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    ACRA Results

    Over Memorial Day weekend, the Commodores competed against the fastest club crews in the nation at the American Collegiate Rowing Association’s national championship regatta.

    The women’s team returned to Nashville with the small-boats point trophy. Vanderbilt has won the trophy both years it has existed. As all the Vanderbilt women’s crews competed in the grand finals, each added points to the count. The women’s quad contributed many points, bringing home GOLD medals in their event!

    The men saw more competition in their events and raced hard to earn places in the petite final in all boats. The novice men’s four saw an especially tight race. The men finished in a close second in the B final. This placed them 10th overall, out of 28 boats. Full results are as follows:

    Women’s Quad: 1st in the A final
    Varsity Women’s Pair: 6th in the A final
    Varsity Men’s Pair: 5th in the B final
    Novice Women’s Four: 7th in the A final
    Novice Men’s Four: 2nd in the B final
    Varsity Women’s Four: 4th in the A final
    Varsity Men’s Four: 6th in the B final

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    ACRA Racing This Weekend

    This Saturday and Sunday May 24th and 25th, Vanderbilt Rowing will be racing at the American Collegiate Rowing Association Championship Regatta. ACRA will close out our season. Our races include the following:

    - Varsity Women’s Pair
    - Varsity Men’s Pair
    - Novice Women’s Four
    - Novice Men’s Four
    - Varsity Women’s Four
    - Varsity Men’s Four
    - Women’s Quad

    For a full racing schedule go to: http://www.americancollegiaterowing.com/Files/2014/2014ACRARaceSchedule,v4.pdf.

    The regatta also provides a live stream to watch the racing online. This can be found at: http://new.livestream.com/row/events/2922715.

    Wish us luck!

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    Spring Banquet 2014 and Boat-Naming Ceremony

    On May 8th, Vanderbilt Rowing held its annual end-of-year banquet. The event provides an opportunity to celebrate the graduating seniors and reminisce about the past year.

    The banquet is also a chance to recognize some athletes for their individual contributions to the team. Awards were presented as follows:

    Most Improved for Novice Women: Sophia Day
    Most Valuable Player for Novice Women: Océane Wright
    Most Improved for Novice Men: Chloe Allen
    Most Valuable Player for Novice Men: Justin Stanwyck
    Most Improved for Varsity Women: Katie MacFarlane
    Black and Gold Award (MVP) for Varsity Women: Whitney Sterling
    Most Improved for Varsity Men: Michael Levin
    Black and Gold Award (MVP) for Varsity Men: Stephanie Sehnert
    Commodore Award: Michael Zhou and Whitney Sterling

    Congratulations to our seniors: Elisa Marks, Stephanie Sehnert, Whitney Sterling, Michael Zhou and Joe Craver!

    This year the banquet provided an opportunity for another special celebration. Vanderbilt honored former Head Coach Jon Miller in naming the new varsity shells. The varsity men’s four was named the “Coach Jon Miller” to reflect the impact Jon has had on this program. The varsity women’s four is now named the “J. Benton Baxter” in honor of a close friend of Jon’s who passed away about 11 years ago. Formerly, a varsity women’s eight had been named with this honor, however that shell is no longer with the program. Vanderbilt Rowing alumni, coaches, parents and athletes were there to witness the christening of the boats before the banquet began.

    Alumni and coaches standing with the newly-named "Coach Jon Miller" from right to left: Rob Tauscher '13, current Head Coach Lindsay Chatfield '12, former Head Coach Jon Miller, Assistant Coach Alex Garza '12, and Matt Yin '13.

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    SIRA Regatta Results

    Vanderbilt crews tested their speed against the fastest southern clubs in Oak Ridge, TN April 18 and 19. The athletes did not disappoint! The Commodores placed highly in many events.

    - The Women’s Varsity pair placed 4th in the A final!!
    - The Men’s Varsity pair WON the B final, placing 7th overall out of 15 crews!
    - The Women’s Varsity 4+ WON the B final, placing 7th overall out of 23 crews!
    - The Men’s Frosh 8+ placed 5th in the B final, finishing in 11th place out of 22 boats!
    - The Women’s Frosh 8+ placed 3rd in the B final, earning a 9th place finish out of 16 boats!

    Now we’re settling into ACRA training. Look for us in Gainesville, GA May 24th and 25th!

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    Cincinnati Regatta Results

    The Commodores continued to find success in a different field of competition at the Cincinnati Regatta on April 6. Vanderbilt crews saw more Northern and Midwest teams against which to test speed.

    Varsity and Novice athletes alike returned to Nashville with medals. The novice Women’s 8+ took home their first GOLD! Vanderbilt won the Women’s pair and placed second and third in the Men’s pair in the morning. The Novice Men’s 8+ and the Varsity Women’s 4+ placed second in their finals after winning their heats. The novice 4+s both placed in their heats to advance to strong performances in the finals. Some of the highlights are below:

    Women’s Novice 8+: 1st place
    Women’s Varsity 2-: 1st place
    Men’s Novice 8+: 2nd place
    Women’s Varsity 4+: 2nd place
    Men’s Varsity 2-: 2nd and 3rd place
    Women’s Novice 4+: 3rd place
    Men’s Novice 4+: 4th place

    Novice Women's 8+ take home the gold!

    Look for us at SIRA Championship Regatta April 18 through 19!

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    John Hunter Regatta Results

    Vanderbilt Rowing had another successful venture to Gainesville, Georgia on March 29. The Commodores found new speed racing with as many as seven boats across at John Hunter Regatta.

    Both the Men’s and Women’s Varsity 4+ won their morning heats, ensuring their advance to the finals in the afternoon. The novice rowers enjoyed racing in both 8+’s and 4+’s. Their events were flight-style with no final, and the Commodore novice crews placed strongly overall. Crews on both the Men’s and Women’s sides saw new competition and brought their racing abilities to another level. We were excited to bring home many medals! A special congrats to our Varsity Women’s 4+ for winning first place overall out of 20 boats!

    Overall results:

    Women’s Varsity 4+: 1st place
    Men’s Varsity 4+: 6th place
    Women’s Novice 8+: 2nd place
    Men’s Novice 8+: 4th place
    Women’s Novice 4+’s: 2nd place and 6th place
    Men’s Novice 4+’s: 2nd place and 3rd place
    Women’s JV 4+: 3rd place

    This weekend we’ll be racing in Ohio at the Cincinnati Regatta.  Come out and cheer us on!

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