Chattanooga Head Race Results

Despite wind conditions and a shortened course, the team had a great time at Chattanooga Head Race this past weekend and also had some great success in racing!  Read below for results from the day:

Men’s Varsity 4:
-Vanderbilt A: 3rd
-Vanderbilt B: 9th
-Vanderbilt C: 10th

Women’s Varsity 2-:-Vanderbilt A: 3rd
-Vanderbilt B: 8th

Novice Women’s 2nd 8:
-Vanderbilt: 3rd

Novice Women’s 1st 8:
-Vanderbilt: 3rd

Novice Men’s 2nd 8:
-Vanderbilt: 2nd

Novice Men’s 2nd 8:-Vanderbilt: 2nd

Women’s Varsity 4:
-Vanderbilt: 4th

Men’s Varsity 2-:
-Vanderbilt A: 2nd
-Vanderbilt B: 6th
-Vanderbilt C: 7th

Men’s Varsity 8:
-Vanderbilt: 3rd-Vanderbilt JV: 11th

Great job all boats!

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Music City Head Race Results

On October 1st we hosted the first ever Music City Head Race on the Cumberland River in Downtown Nashville.  It was a great weekend of racing, see below for the results:

Men’s Collegiate 4+:
Vanderbilt A – 2nd place
Vanderbilt B – 3rd place
Vanderbilt C – 8th place

Women’s Collegiate 4+:
Vanderbilt – 1st place

Men’s Collegiate 2nd Novice 8+:
Vanderbilt – 2nd place

Women’s Collegiate 2nd Novice 8+:
Vanderbilt – 4th place

Women’s Collegiate 2-:
Vanderbilt A – 1st place
Vanderbilt B – 4th place

Women’s Collegiate Novice 8+:
Vanderbilt – 5th place

Men’s Collegiate Novice 8+:
Vanderbilt – 3rd place

Men’s Collegiate 2-:
Vanderbilt A – 4st place
Vanderbilt B – 1st place
Vanderbilt C – 5th place

Men’s Collegiate Varsity 8+:
Vanderbilt A – 5th place
Vanderbilt B – 7th place

Congrats to all boats!

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Music City Head Race 10/1

The first ever Music City Head Race is this Saturday, October 1st, on the Cumberland River in Downtown Nashville. Teams we will be racing include Alabama, Georgia, UTC, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Emory, Murray State, and Northwestern State.
See below for details and Vanderbilt’s racing schedule:

8:20AM: Men’s Collegiate 4+
8:55AM: Women’s Collegiate 4+
9:10AM: Men’s Collegiate 2nd Novice 8+
9:20AM: Women’s Collegiate 2nd Novice 8+
11:30AM: Women’s Collegiate 2-
1:00PM: Men’s Collegiate 2-
2:00PM: Men’s Collegiate Novice 8+
2:15PM: Women’s Collegiate Novice 8+
4:00PM: Men’s Collegiate 8+

Check out the Music City Head Race Twitter @ for results on Saturday.

Parking: There will be parking in lot R at Titans Stadium and there will be volunteers to assist.

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Join Our Team

We have had a great group of athletes come out to practice the past few weeks, but it is not too late to join this amazing group! If you are interested in joining the team but have not been able to make it out to the lake or a practice, please email our Head Coach, Jon Miller at for more information and a practice schedule!

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Practice Pickup Spot Information

For those of you who have come to an information session and will be joining the team at practice, here are the pickup spot locations mentioned in the meeting:

From Commons Center:
Walk west towards 21st crossing Peabody Lawn. The pickup spot is in the parking lot directly behind Cohen Hall.
Address: 1210 21st Avenue South

From Sarratt/Rand (Main Campus):
Leave Rand through the doors closest to Branscomb Quad and the fraternities. Walk down the steps and continue straight on Vanderbilt Place until 24th Avenue. The vans will be outside of the frat house on the corner.
Address: 210 24th Avenue South

Have a great time at practice!

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Join Vanderbilt Rowing!


- We will be at the Org Fair on Friday August 26th, so be sure to look for us under the tent and our boat on the lawn.

- Information meetings will take place Monday August 29th through Wednesday August 31st at 8pm in Commons Center room 335.  Come learn more about our team and ask any questions you may have about the team.

- We will be hosting a New Recruit Competition on Friday September 2nd at 4:30pm in Rec Center Room West 1B.  Come meet the team and compete to win prizes!

If you are looking to join a new sport or continue your rowing career, consider joining one of the most competitive club teams at Vanderbilt University. The Vanderbilt Rowing Team is a hardworking, successful group of athletes who excel both on the water and in the classroom. We are looking for people interested in becoming either rowers or coxswains, who have a strong work ethic and drive to accomplish goals alongside their teammates.


- Make lifelong friends

-Improve and maintain athletic abilities and endurance

For more information contact Head Coach Jon Miller at

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This Year’s Recruitment Video Is Here!

With only a few more weeks until the team is back at school and training is back in full swing, it is almost time to begin welcoming new teammates to the Vanderbilt Rowing Team!

Check out our new recruitment video (link below) and be sure to “like it” and share it with former teammates and potential new teammates!

If you are a prospective rower, be sure to fill out our Prospective Rower Questionnaire to get in contact with us! We look forward to seeing on campus in a few short weeks!

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October Regatta Information

On Saturday October 1, 2016 we will be having a home regatta for junior, collegiate, and masters rowers.  More info to come soon, but mark your calendars now! For additional information please email Jon Miller at or check the Regatta Central website.

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ACRA Results

ACRA National Championships were a big success and a great end to a strong season. We had many boats finishing better than ever in their respective races; read on for a full list of results.  Thank you to all of the family, friends, and alumni who came out to support the team throughout the weekend; it was very special and motivating for the entire team.

Four of our team members made the Regional All-South team! Congratulations to Yuna Pyun (All-American Second Team), Katie Chrisman, Griffin Meert, and Andrew Kress!

The season may have come to an end, but the team is already working hard to build off of this year’s successes and working to make next season even more memorable.

ACRA Results:
Men’s Varsity Pair: 7th in the Grand final
Women’s Varsity Pair: 3rd in the B final
Men’s Varsity Double: 4th in the B final
Men’s Novice Four: 6th in the B final
Men’s Varsity Four: 2st in the C final
Women’s Varsity Eight:  1st in the B final

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ACRA Update: Day One

After the first day of racing at ACRA National Championships, here is the schedule for tomorrow’s racing.  It will be an exciting day of racing!

- Men’s varsity double: B final at 9:56
- Women’s varsity pair: B final at 10:08
- Men’s varsity pair: Grand final at 10:26
- Men’s novice four: B final at 10:48
- Men’s varsity four: C final at 9:12
- Women’s varsity eight: B final at 12:56

Goodluck to all of our boats!!!

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