Putting a Face on AIDS

Face AIDS is a national campaign to fight AIDS in Africa, with a brand new chapter on Vanderbilt's campus. The national campaign was started in 2005 at Stanford University, which now has chapters at high schools and colleges across the nation. Our chapter is dedicated to educating the Vanderbilt community about the AIDS pandemic in Africa, and supporting those affected by AIDS through micro-finance projects.


Thanks to everyone who came out to On the Rocks!!

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Thanks to Grabrielle from www.i-pix.it for her amazing guitar graphic!

Fundraising Goal: $4,000 (see counter to the right)

Proceeds: 100% of cover goes to the Kampala Project! The money is going towards the Kampala Project's Field Day for the children of Meeting Point Kampala in Uganda this summer.

About Meeting Point: Meeting Point provides support for many AIDS orphans and patients in the area in the form of medicine, food, housing, and education. In addition, Meeting Point organizes many community outreach components such as home visits for those with HIV/AIDS and food delivery from the World Food Programme.

Other Announcements

  • Thanks to Kristen for her Educational Bit on the PEPFAR last meeting. Let's get 50 senators to support the PEPFAR Reuathorization!

  • We're featured in a VU Cast! Watch the second half for us! It features Tanmoy and his documentary, Face AIDS, and our beloved Professor Gregory for his wonderful work on the Global Music Archive. Check it out here!