The Graduate Student Council of Vanderbilt University serves currently enrolled graduate students. It is a representative body consisting of one representative from each graduate department of the University.

As an organization we have two primary goals.

  • We coordinate academic, social, and other activities significant to the graduate community. We strive to promote community amongst graduate students, as well as graduate student integration into the university community. All graduate students are welcome to attend and participate in GSC meetings, parties, and academic events.
  • We work to ascertain and represent graduate student opinions and concerns, facilitating communication between graduate students, administration, and faculty.

How can you participate?

  • Keep an eye out for e-mails, flyers, and website postings advertising social, academic, and service opportunities. Come and enjoy all our events!
  • Become your department’s representative* or fill in for your department rep when they can’t make it to a meeting!

* Representatives should be elected in the first two weeks of the fall semester by the graduate students of each department. If no student indicates interest in running in this election, then the Director of Graduate Studies will appoint a student who is interested and involved in graduate concerns. Each representative has the following duties: communicating with their department to determine areas of concern and need, representing their fellow graduate students to the Graduate Student Council, distributing GSC information to their department, attending one Graduate Student Council meeting a month, and participating on one committee of their choice for the duration of their term.

Andrew Hastings, GSC President 2013-2014

For event notifications, information, and updates, check out the GSC Google Calendar!

P.S. If you have questions regarding your application to the graduate school, we cannot help you. Instead, try contacting


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