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Vanderbilt Green Fund

The Vanderbilt Green Fund is a fund of $75,000 set aside for sustainability projects proposed by students. Members of SPEAR and VSG established the Green Fund in the spring of 2011. We are looking for innovative and educational ideas that improve sustainability on campus.

The first deadline for applications is Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at midnight. These applications will receive comments and can be resubmitted when the final applications are due on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at midnight.

The Green Fund Committee will review final applications in the spring and announce final projects in March 2014. The Green Fund Committee can give the $75,000 to one project or can divide it among multiple projects.

Project Proposal:

Please submit a proposal no longer than two pages to andrea.k.george@vanderbilt.edu or on Anchor Link.

The application should include one or more of the following aspects:

  • Energy reduction
  • Water reduction
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • Pollution reduction
  • Education or awareness

Please include the following:

  • Description of your project especially related to the aspects listed above.
  • Plan to implement the project, including a detailed account of the amount of money and how it will be used.
  • Quantification/estimation of energy, water, emission, or pollution reduction.
  • How the project will benefit the Vanderbilt community.

Green Fund Project Winners Spring 2013:

  • Solar Evacuated Heating Tubes: $25,000
  • Occupancy Sensors for lights: $15,000
  • High Performance Showers: $10,000
  • Green lights showing real-time energy usage in select dorms: $25,000